USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

Clifton Whatley
Machinist Mate 3c

Clifton Whatley

Dear Mr. Chwieroth,

I was so happy to find this site. My father Clifton Whatley served on the CL55. At the time of his separation from the U.S. Navy he was a Machinist Mate Third Class. He served from 10-14-42 till 5-31-46. My father would never talk about his time in the service.

I was hoping to find someone who might have known my dad back then who might have photos of him. I do have the CL55 book you show on your site, but he is not in it. I found one small picture with him and six other guys, but saddly his picture has been torn off. But on the back I can read 3 of the guys names L.F. Bennett, G.E Krug-Ohio, M. Cooper-New Jersey the other three guys names were ripped off but they were from Montana, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and my father was Texas. He also had a picture of a guy named Stephen Bencivenga-New Haven, Conn. I was able to find all these names on page 18 of the book 1st Division.

I can only assume that my father would have been on this page if he had been there that day. My father passed away in 1980. Again I really enjoyed this site.

Denise Herrera