USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association


My name is Norman Monfort and I was a FC3/c Aboard the USS Norman Scott DD690 when she was hit by shore batteries on Tinian Island on July 24, 1944. The USS Cleveland CL55 came to our, and the USS Colorado BB45, rescue. I was on the 40MM gun director on the Starboard wing of the bridge and could cleary see the Cleveland firing on those shore batteries and felt certain that she had been hit as the ship was engulfed in smoke. I could later see that it was smoke from her own guns which created that impression. I can understand that someone could report that she was hit and burning as stated in one of the pages on the ship internet listing.

We were hit by six shells, all above the water line, but we lost 23 men, including our Captain, and 57 were wounded. Since our main battery director was put out of operating condition, our # 5 5inch gun totally destroyed and steering was temporary lost it is possible that without the USS Cleveland assistance we could have been sunk.

I do not know when you served aboard the Cleveland but did you know an Officer named James Busbee. I believe he was probably connected with Damage Control but am not sure. Also do you know Robert Carr who, I believe, was abord the Cleveland on July 24, 1944. If you know how to reach him , please let me know.

If you served aboard this ship during the time it operated with the "Little Beaver" Destroyer Squadron in the Solomon Islands you probably remember the USS Claxton DD571. My brother was the Chief Radioman aboard her from Commissioning until after the end of WWII

Any information you can furnish will be appreciated.

Norman Monfort