USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

Augusta Lee (Gus) Lewis

Mr. Brockett,

Not long ago I found my fathers cruise book in a box of photos, papers, etc. that my mother gave me to archive. I had not looked through the book in a number of years and curious I began to search the web for more information about the USS Cleveland.

That is when I found your website, and information about the reunion. I don’t know if I will be able to attend. If I do, it will only be on the 10th for the Invincible Banquet. I don’t know if you keep track, or have a Roll Call for shipmates, but I did notice you have a news page. So I thought I would pass along a note about my father.

S2C Augusta Lee (Gus) Lewis passed away on August 12, 1980. His service is proudly remembered by his son Daniel, and his daughters Sharon & Shannon. Daniel Lewis has been entrusted with his father’s service papers, cruise book and flag for the purpose of preserving his memory.

I’m in the process of sorting through his pictures, papers and memorabilia. After I’ve photographed and scanned these items for the family archive, if you would like to have some of the pictures for your website, I’d be happy to share them.

Thank you,

Daniel Lewis

BTW my father was in the Fifth Division. In the cruise book picture, he is fourth row, 6th from the left.