USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

Anthony Hynek

Hi Ed,

My name is Kurt Bauman from Sparta Wisconsin. I am writing to you in regards of a shipmate who was on the USS Cleveland. His name was Anthony Hynek. Tony was one of the ship's photographers and General Mac Arthur's also. Tony and his wife Eva have lived in Sparta Wisconsin for the last 50 years. Tony hired me in Radiology 24 years ago which where I am currently.

Tony left the Cleveland and went to Radiology school and retired from Radiology in the early 90s. I had the opportunity to hear all about the U.S.S. Cleveland from Tony. My wife and I have been taking care of Tony and Eva the past 20 years. Tony passed away 5 years ago and Eva just passed away this January.

I knew Tony was the Cleveland's photographer but had no idea that he had so many photos from the USS Cleveland. I just went through all of the albums in their house after Eva passed away and found Tony's photo album from the USS Cleveland. Unbelievable pictures.

One of Tony's best friends Herman "Lindy" Lindberg I see passed away the same year he did. I remember Lindy and his wife Betty coming to Sparta to see Tony and Eva. They both kept in touch till the end. Lindy tried without success to get Tony and Eva to attend your reunions each year because of the traveling piece.

Kurt Bauman