USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

Wilson L. Hamilton (Navy Reserve Lieutenant)

Dear Mr. Brockett,

I am writing on behalf of my father, Wilson L. Hamilton (Navy Reserve Lieutenant), who served on the USS Cleveland and also on the USS Adirondack AGC-15. My dad would love to hear more about the Reunion Association.

It would mean the world to my dad if there were anyone out there he could talk to on the phone, who may have served with him on either of these ships. He will be 90 in December. His memories of yesterday are fuzzy, but his memories of his time on these ships is clear as a bell.

My father has not been inclined to get familiar with computers and email, but I will immediately pass any information or messages on to him. I see him every day. I would be grateful to hear from you.

Thank you very much,

Deb Hamilton