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The CLEVELAND Class...

Comprising the most numerous class of light cruisers yet added to the U.S. Navy, the CLEVELAND's are essentially slightly enlarged, improved versions of the BROOKLYN design. One triple main battery turret was sacrificed for better protection and sea-keeping ability and to save weight and space for heavier anti-aircraft armament and control systems. The CLEVELAND and her sisters definitely outclass any foreign 6"-gun cruiser known to exist or to be under construction.

Several ships begun as CLEVELAND Class cruisers were converted during construction to INDEPENDENCE Class small aircraft carriers.


Division of Naval Intelligence

Issued 1 September 1945

The CLEVELAND Class light cruiser

CL--Light Cruisers--CLEVELAND Class

CL 55--Cleveland



CL 56--Columbia


Speed: 32.0 knots (max)

CL 57--Montpelier

10,000 tons (stand.)

Max. cruising radius:

CL 58--Denver

13,100 tons (war service)

5,600 miles @ 25 knots

CL 60--Santa Fe

Length: 610 ft. (oa)

9,900 miles @ 15 knots

CL 62--Birmingham

Beam: 63 ft.

Horsepower: 100,000 (shaft)

CL 63--Mobile

Draft: 24 ft.

Drive: 4 screws; geared turbine

CL 64--Vincennes

Fuel: 2,498 tons oil (max)

CL 65--Pasadena



CL 66--Springfield

12 6" (47 cal.)

2-3 SC-1

CL 67--Topeka

12 5" (38 cal.) Dual Purpose

CL 80--Biloxi

4 40mm quads

CL 81--Houston

6 40mm twins

CL 82--Providence

10 20mm

CL 83--Manchester

CL 86--Vicksburg

CL 87--Duluth

CL 89--Miami

CL 90--Astoria

CL 91--Oklahoma City

CL 92--Little Rock

CL 93--Galveston

CL 101--Amsterdam

CL 102--Portsmouth

CL 103--Wilkes Barre

CL 104--Atlanta

CL 105--Dayton

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