USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

October 30, 2010

Shipmate Brockett,

It was great finding and chatting with you a couple of weeks ago. I did find your photo in the book. Wish we all looked that young again!

I am very happy to finally get these cruise books back to their rightful owners. I should have done this years ago but the Internet now makes these things possible. I was given these books around 1972 while teaching at the Navy School for Instructors in Norfolk, VA. I was a chief at the time, a Chief Machinist Mate. When you served during WWII, E-7 was the top of the enlisted grade. In 1959 the Warrant Officers were eliminated and the E-8 and E-9 pay grades were introduced, Senior Chief Petty Officer and Master Chief Petty Officer. In the late 1960's the Navy saw they needed to bring back the Warrant Officers and did so.

I was fortunate that I moved up through the CPO ranks to Master Chief and was then selected for Warrant Officer. I retired in 1987 as a Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO-4). I had a great career, made possible only by the brave sailors like you and your shipmates in Cleveland that gave us victory in WWII. Thank you all for your dedicated service!

I served in USS Leyte (CVS-32), USS Albemarle (AV-5), USS Brush (DD-745), USS Everett F. Larson (DD-830), USS Independence (CVA-62), USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27), USS Yellowstone (AD-41) and USS Vulcan (AR-5). I am still in contact with shipmates from all these ships except Leyte and Vulcan. I just spent a week visiting an old shipmate from Albemarle up in Tennesse. So keep visitng and uplifting each other. These friendships are priceless!

Enjoy the books. I am sure they will be passed around to the most deserving of all, those that actually lived out those days and also remember with sadness those that have passed on.

Most Respectfully,

CWO4 Charles L. Floyd, USN (Retired)