USS Cleveland CL-55 Reunion Association

1945 Ship Aviation Unit (V Division)

Photo courtesy of Lt. Charles Stewart

The "Fly Boys"
Pilots Jim Manson, Joe Sneden, Charles Stewart

V Division aboard CL-55, March 1945

V Division between Curtiss SOC scout planes, March 1945

1st Row, L to R: Barber, Manson(Ens.), Sneden (Lt. jg), Stewart (Lt.), Butler (Lt.), Gehring, McLaughlin.
2nd Row: Podcovich, Wright, Sims, Chwieroth, Wilson, McColloch, Hogue, Feehan.
3rd Row: Gruben, Jones, Crocker, Pesak, Lindberg, Wilbourne, Murphy, Wainwright.

Photo courtesy of Lt. Charles Stewart

1945 Cruise Book photo of V division officers and crew

Photo courtesy of Joseph Chwieroth

V division shipmate Glen Wright and scout plane

Lindy Lindberg

Herman "Lindy" Lindberg
V division

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